Tracks Announced for San Diego:
Robotics Solutions for Agriculture, Artificial Intelligence, Drones, and Manufacturing & Logistics

We’re excited to announce that RoboUniverse San Diego will feature focused tracks exploring robotics applications in Agriculture, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Drones, and Manufacturing & Logistics.

As a RoboUniverse San Diego attendee, you have the opportunity to customize your experience and your learning based on which robotics solutions are most valuable to you and your company. Take a good look at what each track has to offer and make your Track Pass selection below. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

Technological innovation has enabled a new breed of connected smart farms driven around efficiency, accuracy, big data, and automation. Meet and learn firsthand from several major farming technology innovators. Get a close up look at the autonomous robots and technologies that are changing agriculture forever.
Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or drones are best described as “flying robots.” Drones are a growing part of both the consumer and business sectors. Of interest will be techniques to build and define a business based on drones as well as understanding current and future drone applications in ever changing technical and regulatory environments.
A recent boom in artificial intelligence advancements is not only making robots smarter, but also enabling new fields of applications, including in software, services, and more.  The increasingly more powerful “brains” of future robotic applications not only solve common business problems, but also detect and predict future patterns.
New collaborative robots and mobile autonomous robots are changing how goods are produced and managed. Learn about the latest advances in collaborative and mobile robots for manufacturing and materials handling. Learn all about the opportunities and advantages of employing safe, collaborative, mobile robots.
“But I’m interested in all aspects of robotics innovation! How do I choose?” 

The great thing is…you don’t have to. You can grab a Gold Pass or Two Day Pass for access to the full program. You’ll be able to move freely between the 4 tracks to pick and choose which sessions are most applicable to your interests. You can also register for a Platinum Pass if you’re interested in attendingInside 3D Printing and Virtual Reality Summit sessions.

Since you’ve registered for previous RoboUniverse events, you’ll receive a 20% alumni discount when you use the discount code GOAGAIN at checkout. Register before September 16 to save.