Evernote, the popular note taking platform has announced the Evernote Accelerator, a 4-week residency program at Evernote's headquarters in Redwood City, California for a small group of teams to a help them build their ideas into successful products. So, if you are an Evernote fan and developer with a twist on their product, it sounds like something to check out.



ProgrammableWeb also has 40 new APIs added to their:

API directory including a mobile application management platform, an online database service, a chemical structure search service, a social software distribution platform, a mobile application backend service and a database access service for custom minecraft servers.

This is an impressive list of new APIs, some of which appear to be especially useful, such as the Diffbot API, which is setting out to make scraper coding all but obsolete, although it seems as though it may still be cheaper to code it yourself, depending on how often you have to update your information.

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