That’s the challenge faced by Wojciech Gryc, 27, who started Canopy Labs a year and a half ago in Toronto. The company makes software for businesses that want to track their customers’ preferences using data analytics.

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After working for the consulting firm McKinsey & Co. in Toronto, he developed a prototype of an off-the-shelf platform that helps clients understand customer preferences without expensive customized data-tracking systems. He then went to California’s Silicon Valley to participate in the startup incubator Y Combinator to further develop the idea.

The product compiles information from e-mail, e-commerce sites, social media, voicemail and call centres to help predict how likely people are to remain customers, how much they are likely to spend and which marketing messages they are likely to respond to.

Armed with $1.5-million in venture and angel funding, he has gotten off to a good start with clients such as WagJag Ltd., 500friends Inc. and the Canadian Opera Company. Canopy Labs has five full-time employees and three co-op students and is seeking to expand rapidly.

Now Mr. Gryc is in search of the right kind of people to help him do it.

It’s a competitive market, with the lure of high-paying jobs in

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