Marketeers on Marketing: Start-Up Marketing with Patrick van der Valk

Interview date: Sep 21, 2012

NIA Creative interviews Patrick van der Valk, Marketing Director of Archimedes (creators of a unique model for virtual clinical trials), for the NIA Creative MediaCast Vlog Series “Marketeers on Marketing”. In this episode, we focus on marketing in a start-up environment. Topics covered include marketing consulting, marketing planning, launching products domestically and internationally, tradeshow marketing, leveraging LinkedIn in your marketing strategy and more.

The NIA Creative MediaCast Video Blog (Vlog) Series focuses on marketing in a variety of verticals, including healthcare, technology, retail / consumer marketing and the public sector. Each episode will showcase the perspective of a marketing executive with expertise in a specific vertical and/or a key area of marketing, such as marketing in a start-up environment. Our goal is to offer other marketers the opportunity to benefit and learn from these professionals who have already “been there,” and “done that” resulting in greater growth and opportunities for all of us who make their career in marketing.

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