PocketMonkey by Zootility

PocketMonkey by Zootility

There are items that are indispensible when you are starting a company.  At one point the jack of all tools was the Swiss Army Knife and then it was the Leatherman, but the problem with both of them is that you can’t take them with you on a plane.  Neither of those tools pass muster with the TSA.

Enter Pocket Monkey. This amazing little tool was a Kickstarter financed project created by Nate Barr for his new company, Zootility.  Quite frankly, everyone should own one. The Pocket Monkey slips into the same place that you keep your credit cards or business cards, and packed into that slim little package is a set of essential tools.  It’s quite amazing! Although he lists 12 functions for his tool, I’ve found even more since I’ve been using it.

So, what can PocketMonkey do?

  1. Phone Kickstand
  2. Bottle Opener
  3. Flat Screwdriver
  4. Micro Screwdriver
  5. Phillips Screwdriver
  6. Set of Hex Wrenches
  7. Door Latch Slip (Opens the door)
  8. Letter Opener
  9. Straight Edge
  10. Scale (inches and centimeters)
  11. Orange Peeler
  12. Banana Peel Starter
  13. Ear Bud Wrap
  14. Compass

Watch his video on some of Pocket Monkey’s utilities:



Also the ZooMonkey is TSA compliant. On my last flight to Denver one TSA guy tried to confiscate my PocketMonkey, but I wouldn’t give it to him and requested his supervisor. The supervisor told him to give it back to me. Frankly I think the guy just liked the tool, and was trying to keep it for himself. I’ve now flown with it all over the country without an issue.

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