NewsWhip, whose news-finding dashboard “Spike” helps journalists identify news stories breaking on social networks, has raised a $1.1 million seed round.

The Dublin, Ireland-based company will be using the money to open a New York office, to reach new clients, and to upgrade its website and Android and iPhone apps.

The company tracks news stories along with hundreds of data points on how those stories are being shared online, enabling it to “map the genome of social distribution,” it says.

“With Spike, we’ve built a story-finding tool that makes life much easier every day for hundreds of journalists, editors, producers, and marketers” said co-founder and CEO Paul Quigley in a press release.

The team is small: Just seven full-time individuals work for the company in Dublin now, in Dogpatch Labs, a chain of coworking spaces run by Polaris Ventures. NewsWhip plans to hire two more people in New York: a communications officer, who will help with