iShutter, a privacy camera strip for Mac Laptop users.

iShutter, a privacy camera strip for Mac Laptop users.

With all of us doing webcasts and virtual meetings, there is always the risk of turning on our camera by accident before we’re ready.  There is also the issue of our cameras being turned on remotely by hackers without our knowledge. (A bit paranoid perhaps, but it has been done.)

A friend of mine, Arman, is working with the young startup that has put up a Kickstarter project for a tool to prevent unwanted broadcasts. It’s called the iShutter and it’s an ingenious magnetic strip which allows Mac users to slide it over or off the camera on their screen without interrupting anything on their computer.  With the iShutter in place, the laptop can still be closed as usual without it causing an impediment.

When produced, the iShutter strip will be available in black, and also in an assortment of bright colors, which should appeal to Mac users.  The black strip is all but invisible, since it sits along the black screen border on the various Mac laptops, including MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

This little video gives you an idea of how simple the concept is and how elegant the solution they’ve designed is.  It’s deceptively simple, but there is actually quite a bit of engineering in the product that keeps it from: scratching your screen, keeping your laptop from closing, or keeps the strip from becoming a crumpled piece of metal.

Do yourself a favor and help the startup group by kicking in some funds for their project and be one of the first to have this handy tool to protect your own startup assets.