Manoj Bhargava of 5 Hour Energy will inspire you, and perhaps by inspiring a new generation of entrepreneurs, he will help lead us to a point where we solve the big problems the world faces, and enter a golden age of the human race. He is tackling the big questions, and coming up with small answers that have enormous results.

Tinkering is not only put up with, it is highly encouraged. By tinkering with ideas and keeping them at a human scale, the solutions that he and his teams come up with can be replicated and deployed quickly everywhere. You don’t have to be greedy to be successful. You have to have a vision, and a purpose, and a sense of urgency. These are the things that drive you; that inspire you to reach for the goals that others think are unattainable.

Manoj mentions in an interview that if someone is a PhD he/she is an expert in what was. However, we don’t need to know about what was, but what can be. What has been done before is more of an anchor than an inspiration. We have to be able to free our mind to the possibilities around us. Once we do, our view of the world is never the same again.

Please take a moment to watch Manoj’s film: Billions in Change. ¬†You will never be the same.

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