Chrome extensions

Chrome Extensions that I Can’t Live Without

We all have certain tools that we use on a regular basis that we wouldn’t want to live without.  I have more than the average bear… lol… which is why my friend Dick gave me the nickname, Tech Tool Girl.  The following tools are the Chrome toolbar extensions that I demonstrated at UCI’s Applied Innovation during the Patent Search Workshop with Bob Fish of Fish & Tsang.  I hope that you find them as useful as I have.

OneTab – One of the most helpful extensions ever!  This let’s you collapse your open tabs into a list, which is lockable, dated, sortable, and more.  This is a must have extension in my book; one of my favorite productivity tools.

MightyText – If you use an Android phone, this extension can really improve your life.  It installs on your phone and your computer and let’s you respond to any incoming texts without leaving your computer.  This has also come in handy a couple of times when I forgot my phone at home.  I was able to text colleagues and family who were trying to reach me and let them know that I wasn’t available by voice that day.  This is another must have extension and there is a pro version for power users.

Google Scholar – A quick search shortcut to Google Scholar for everyone that does research.

Google Similar Pages Search – Would you like to find an article or site similar to the one you’re currently on? This Chrome extension will help you find the right ones.

Google Keep Chrome Extension – This extension lets you quickly open a new note in your Google Keep without leaving your current webpage.

Awesome Screenshot App – Take Screenshots easily, annotate them, and save them in a variety of formats.  This is my favorite screenshot tool, and much more versatile than the ones built into the Mac ios software.

Google Hangouts ButtonThis is simply a quick launch button for Google Hangouts, which makes it much easier to use.

TinEye Reverse Image Search – This little gem lets you look to see where else an image is being used on the web.  This is very helpful for any designers, photographers, and artists.

Memento – If you’re a WayBack Machine user, you’ll love this little shortcut to the system. Set your date of interest, right click on a page or a link and view it through another time.