by Cynthia Kirkeby

A look at Pedego Electric Bikes, part of the K5 Insight Series

As part of the K5 Insight Series, on May 16th Don DiCostanzo participated in a fireside chat at the Newport Beach ROC on what it hs taken to establish his electric bike company, Pedego, as a major brand.  Unlike many companies who set out to be a major manufacturer of this or that, Don and his partner set out to build a brand that sold electric bikes.  That shift in thinking permeates the company.

A somewhat-late-to-the-table fan of Apple products, DiConstanzo has definitely paid attention to many of the lessons that set Apple apart in their industry.  Then, he made sure to apply those lessons to the Pedego trademark and brand. Along the way, he has created an international brand that’s all about having fun while you ride your beach cruiser. Is there a big hill in your area that keeps you from riding a bike? You are just the person Pedego was made for. Each California beach cruiser is outfitted with a motor that allows you to have fun up that hill, instead of taking one look and giving up.  Just give the motor a little goose and that hill just disappears, as your electric Pedego bike easily conquers it. This brand is all about fun!

Pedego Electric Bikes

Pedego Electric Bikes

With a bike like that, I might even be able to ride a bike in my area! With all roads to my home leading up, my community sits at the top of an incredibly large hill that intimidates even some of the most die-hard cyclists, and makes beginners give up before they get going. More of the residents of the Orange Park Acres area should look into Pedego and bring fun back into bike riding.

His customers love the company and the product. With over 125 reviews posted with an average rating of five stars, an amazing feat for any company. However, everyone takes customer service very serious.  One person in the audience who happened to own a Pedego had been stranded in the Newport Back Bay area, when a part on the bike failed, so Don hopped into his car and took the part to him on the spot and fixed the bike.  Now that’s customer service!

Here’s another example of the customer service that supports the Pedego brand:

Review: I had a short in the system (probably caused by one of the heavy rainstorms we had) and they took care of it. No questions asked. Even had the bike picked up and delivered by a store owner. Couldn’t have asked for better or more responsive service!

Today, Pedego sells bikes, not only in the U.S., but in 40 other countries as well.  Their frankly kicking ass when it comes to the electric bike, and as Don says, they’re just at the beginning of what they’re going to do with the industry.

Pedego is definitely a brand and a company worth learning from as a startup. Take a look at their site, read their reviews, and read their blog.  Study them and learn from them. That’s what they did with top-class firms when they were a startup, now they’re the one to study!

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