Social entrepreneurism at its finest right here:   HandUp, a site that allows people to donate to homeless people in their neighborhoods safely, just closed its first seed round of $850K.

The new funds will allow the company to expand across more of the San Francisco Bay Area and to the East Coast.

Handup Seed Round FundedRose Broome, CEO and co-founder of HandUp, got the idea for the site while out walking on a cold night in San Francisco. After walking past a homeless woman sleeping out in the cold she “wondered why we can press a button on our smartphone to call an Uber or order dinner, but that we have no similarly convenient way to help someone in need right here in our own community,” she said. And with that thought in mind, she set to work.

“I believe that new solutions to poverty are within our reach,” she told VentureBeat.

HandUp is a site that allows people to donate to specific homeless people they meet. Or you can visit the company’s website and read members’ stories. You can also see what he needs the money for and opt to give a one-time donation. You also have the option of offering monthly and ongoing support to the homeless in your neighborhood. Once you’ve donated, you’ll receive updates from the members to see how they’re doing.

Upon signing up, members are given cards they can hand out to people they meet on 

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