If you have been at the last few FLF meetings in Newport Beach in Orange County, you have seen that the meetings have gotten steadily larger.  The May meeting on May 31 was packed; so much so that they are going to have to start thinking about a larger venue soon.

Free Lunch Friday Logo
Apparently, the other thing that has happened, as the group has grown, is that the free lunch is only for the first hundred respondents. After 100 attendees, it will cost $10 to attend, listen to the presentation, eat a quick lunch, and network with other startups and entrepreneurs.

I must admit that I was more impressed by the earlier FLF lunch offerings.  We had a delicious BBQ sandwich and salad offering with some mac and cheese, while the past couple of meetings have been the same tired pizza fare that so often seems to be lunch for programming events. Not very appetizing, especially since I’ve been working to clean up my diet.  It looks like I’ll be eating a salad before I head over next month.

This months speaker was Dr. Robert Cardoza, who discussed the importance of hiring an accountant who understands the different formats of business, sole proprietors, partnerships, LLCs, C corps, S corps, and even the new B corps.  Choosing the right one can save you thousands of dollars.

If you want to get in on the fun, make sure that you sign up early next month.  The spots for FLF are going quicker and quicker.  Otherwise, there will be no free lunch for you….