Setting up a color palette for your brand is really helpful in a lot of ways; primarily because it stabilizes your branding.  As you’re building your website, doing your business cards and creating other visual assets such as the UI/UX for your app, you should try to make sure that your branding is as stabile as possible.  If you already have a logo, which most startups do, you can build a quick color palette from your logo, or from a primary image that you’re using on your site…or both.

There’s a great little tool from a site called Tin Eye Labs to help you create a quick color palette for your company.  You simply upload an image into their system, it color maps the image, and then extracts the colors, and creates a hexidecimal color chart.  It looks great and you can drop it right into your business plan or specifications documents.

Tin Eye Labs Palette Sample - Adaptifyed Logo ©

Tin Eye Labs Palette Sample – Adaptifyed Logo ©

The chart above was created by uploading the logo for a new project we’re working on called Adaptifyed™.  The tool did a great job of mapping the colors, and even named them in addition to listing their hex colors (a nice little touch).

TinEyeLabs also has two (2) other cool tools: a reverse image search, and a Creative Commons search by image color. The TinEyeLabs CC search tool is very useful for webmasters who are looking for images for their articles.  These are images that can be used free of charge, and in some cases even modifyed to fit your needs. Always be sure to double check the Creative Commons rights license for each image (there are different criteria for different licenses), and be sure to always give attribution. Warning: TinEye Labs tools are rather addictive. They’ve done an excellent job!

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