Chasing Venture Capital Will Kill 99 percent of game companies and mobile app startsups

When starting a games company or a new app business, chasing investor capital can be life threatening for your startup.

Chasing Venture Capital

Chasing Venture Capital

Delusions of business grandeur can include signing up to incubators, looking for Angel investment and spending months (incorrectly) chasing venture capital. At a minimum will waste your time and potential VC companies time, and miss out on opportunities to grow your games business. At worst this strategy is likely to kill your app business — dead.

“Lets build a cool random social app, raise millions of dollars, get tons of users, and sell within 3 years for a bunch of money!!!”

Does this sound familiar? For every Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest they are millions of dead zombie startups, dying and dead, strewn by a roadside littered with corpses of failed hopes and dreams.