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What is Branding?

This is a short intro to the fundamental question of ‘What exactly is branding?’ It’s a beautifully design video that will capture your attention for the two minutes that it runs, and leave you wanting more when it ends.

How to Design For Startups

SKOOL helps designers design better, and in this video lesson they’re discussing the specific branding needs of startups in various stages of their growth. As a startup, you can learn a lot from their discussion. Learn what you might want to have designed for your startup at this stage of your launch.

FInding a Technical CoFounder

The Founder of Yipit takes a look at what it takes to find a technical co-founder.  It’s almost never easy, despite what some people tell you.  There’s usually quite a few starts and stops along the way, and I’ve found that more and more Founders,...

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