What happens to a company that joins an accelerator? Typically, the “boosting mode” period is three months, during which the team members enjoy the community’s benefits, the mentorship and access to knowledge and network that can resolve any issues in an efficient way, plus having cash for the business.

However, the accelerators are not philanthropic organizations that enjoy rewarding entrepreneurs simply for having a great idea or putting together a great team. They see themselves as investors to the teams that accept and they make it pretty clear by asking for a good percentage of their company’s equity.

The process of getting into an accelerator is very competitive as each program accepts around ten teams. The applicants are encouraged to attend all the networking events prior to applying, so that they find the better fit. …

Each accelerator has a different positioning and targets groups that do not overlap. For example, WIM Accelerator focuses on women-led or -founded businesses in mobile technology, while DreamIt has developed various programs like DreamIt Health or DreamIt Israel.

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