Awesome Startup Tools: Putting on the Show

Awesome Startup Tools:  Putting on the Show

These tools are a few of my favorites related to creating great presentations.  Every startup founder should be familiar with them, or at the very least have a co-founder who is handy with the basics.
Haiku deck is a great tool to either create your presentation or rough out the start of a presentation that you may want to refine a bit in PowerPoint.  It will keep you from using too much type in your presentation.  Just remember Guy Kawasaki’s rule of thumb: “Take the average age of your audience and divide by two.”  Since your average investor is probably between 60-65, your font size shouldn’t go below 30 pts, which means you shouldn’t have a heck of a lot of type on your slides.
One of the best tools in Haiku Deck is the built in keyword search of Flickr’s Creative Commons database of images. In addition to letting you quickly pull in images that are licensed for you to freely use, it also automatically adds in the attribution required.  You can also upload your own images, and there’s a handy built in chart builder.
At the moment it has limited text handling which can be frustrating, although they have made some changes to that recently, so hopefully that will change soon enough.
 The Noun Project is one of my favorite places for icons.  It’s awesome!  If you can think of a term, chances are there are a slew of different presentations that have been uploaded by amazing designers.  This particular collection within the Noun Project was created by the USPTO (the US Patent and Trademark Office).  It’s just a small representation of the great icons you will find here.  They are designed to be downloaded or dragged and dropped into many applications.
Powtoon is an exceptionally easy to use and flexible animation program that allows you to create product walkthroughs and all sort of little animated videos to promote your product and your team.  It has built in YouTube integration so that you don’t have to export it and hand upload it into the YouTube system.  A great product.  It’s worth the upgrade to get rid of the loud “made with Powtoon” at the end.