Awesome Startup Tools - What's in a Name

Awesome Startup Tools – What’s in a Name?

I have a ton of tools for creating company names.  There’s a definite art to creating one that will become a strong brand.  Once I find a few potential candidates that are available both as domain names and on social media sites, then I will often post them on my wall to look at them for a few days.  Then I tell the names to a few of my friends.  Next, I wait a few days.  I eliminate any names that I can’t remember, and then I ask my friends which one they liked the best. They will usually only remember one of the names (if any).  Often there is one name that stands out with people, and that’s a good indication that it will be a winner.

Synonym360, Invent a Word and Suffix Mania are all tools for coming up with a possible company or brand name.
The Domain Name Wizard, Shopify Business Name Generator, and Panabee, are all tools to generate variations on a name or term, while simultaneously checking to see whether the domain name is available.