Awesome Startup Tools - Picture This
These great color tools were discussed at UCI’s Applied Innovation during my Lunch & Learn presentation.  Startups should use one or more of these free tools to create a standardized color palette for their company brand.  By applying these tools, you can create a more consistent company branding, which helps to make your company more memorable and that adds to your company’s IP value.
Paletton has an excellent color explorer for creating a color palette from scratch.  You can explore colors by clicking your primary color choice and then clicking to see adjacent colors, color triads, and more.  Explore your favorites, then adjust the hue and brightness to further hone in on your favorite colors to represent your brand.
If you would like to find out how people may perceive your color choices, take a look for a book called  The Color Index.  This little design book is a creative essential for any company.   Many times people’s reactions to color are not what we thought
The Adobe color wheel explorer is another great color exploration tool that allows you to play with colors until you find something that is uniquely you!
The color Thief is another cool tool that allows you to explore the colors that will be representing your company.  Do they match your company mission and culture?  Are your colors appropriate for your company’s market segment?  Are you trying to imbue a  sense of trustworthiness? If so, you’ll want to take a look at some of the mid to dark blue tones, This colors are

TinEye Labs has one of my favorite online color palette tools.  Their color extraction tool allows you to upload a logo, photo, or other image, and the system creates a color map of the image, and then it samples the colors, makes a color palette, and labels all the color samples with their hex color values.  TinEye Lab also has some other color tools, so take a look around their site, and see which tools are helpful in your particular case.