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lean startup and one-upping your competition
startupmanship was created to bring some tools, news, and resources to the startup community at large, and the teams I mentor, or am a part of, in particular. Over the years, I’ve started a number of companies in a number of different fields; mostly as bootstraps. I have been very blessed to have had some amazing people as my partners, and my employees. In the past couple of years, I’ve become more involved in the startup community in Orange County, California, as a participant and a mentor. Answering numerous questions on branding, manufacturing, and intellectual properties, I realized that I could contribute to the dialog on startups strategies, as well as make related resources available to the startup and inventors communities; so, here I am.

You will find an assortment of videos, excerpts from and links to amazing articles, resources, startup tools, and even an occasional light-hearted moment here on startupmanship. I hope that you find them useful and enlightening. In addition to working on my own projects, I consult with company owners about their businesses, mentor young startups through the Chapman University Entrepreneur in Residence Program, and work with a little bit of everyone through the Inventors Forum.

If you are just investigating the world of Angels and VCs, it is very different than the world of bootstrapping, although it has a lot to teach traditional businesses on agile development. If you are an experienced businessperson, who is looking to get involved with the startup community, think about mentoring. You might be surprised at how much you learn, while you are teaching others what you know.

If you would like to reach me for: a consulting job, a speaking engagement, placing an advertisement on this site, or even an interesting conversation, please use my contact page, or my LinkedIn. Thanks for visiting, and please spread the word about startupmanship.

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