Dating an Entrepreneur?  Courtesy of Cali4beach/Flickr  CC-2.0

Dating an Entrepreneur? Courtesy of Cali4beach/Flickr CC-2.0

Recently Larry Kim put up this list of signs.. albeit.. warnings for many of our significant others or seasonal flirtations.  As startup entrepreneurs, we are not always the easiest group to date, or live with, but we do have our good points.  🙂

By Larry Kim

You may suspect it, but now you’ll know for sure–are you dating an entrepreneur?

  1. They have more social media friends than you and your family members combined.
  2. They have a five-step plan for introducing themselves to your parents.
  3. They have a pros and cons list for every restaurant you frequently dine at.
  4. They’re obsessed with obstacle races like Tough Mudder and Spartan Race, always looking to challenge themselves and embrace obstacles (both metaphorical and literal).
  5. They are unconventional learners–many entrepreneurs are self-taught, some are college dropouts or never attended higher ed.
  6. They consider Panera Bread their “home office” and are on a first name basis with the baristas at Starbucks.
  7. They like to be in control–many entrepreneurs thrive on self-employment and love being their own boss.
  8. They’re always seeing ways to improve the world around them.
  9. They have a laundry list of exs that didn’t last long–entrepreneurs like to fail often and fail fast.
  10. They are incredibly optimistic–they see the silver lining in every cloud.
  11. The box office manager may say the concert is sold out, but that won’t stop your significant other from trying their best to get tickets, be it from a Facebook post, Craigslist ad, or even scalpers if necessary. Entrepreneurs never give up!
  12. They will disappear for days at a time. Entrepreneurs often get engrossed in work and may vanish when obsessed with a project. Don’t fear, they’ll return… eventually.
  13. READ MORE ON LinkedIn  There are a lot more great cues on the full post.