2016-Predictions by Term Sheet Readers

It’s always difficult to imagine what will be coming up in the next year or more.  Here are some attempts to do just that by people who are on the inside of startup deals …

2016 Predictions from Term Sheet Readers


Staring into that giant crystal ball…

Earlier this week I asked for 2016 predictions from readers of Term Sheet, our daily newsletter on deals and deal-makers. Below are 50 some odd responses, in no particular order:

Robert: “Space X will announce its trip to Mars”

Kevin: “One or two Chinese banks will also be compelled to merge with other banks too due to non-performing loans.”

Chase: “Data supported design thinking will transform product development. The mass data capture is already taking place — now companies will be leveraging this data to influence how they deliver products. No longer will companies design a product, produce at scale, and then deliver to the market with its ‘fingers crossed.’ Companies will instead put forth low-volume product releases and iterate the design in real time. A great example is fashion — why guess on trends when you can test them in real time? To take this one step further, companies will no longer design to solely to improve aesthetics, but will instead design to transform the experience. As an example, think about how Keurig changed the coffee experience based on the notion that people want a single cup and easy cleanup, while other coffee makers were focused on aesthetics.”

Viral: “Geo-political issues will escalate to high levels prompting rise in gold and developed markets sovereigns.”

PK: “Going public will come back in style.”

Rick: “Unicorns devalue to true GAPP values.”

Drew: “DeflateGate, Part II”

Mike: “The important VC shift that will occur in 2016 is that capital availability will: (1) become highly stage dependent; (2) depend more on execution than on brilliant ideas; and (3) will move to the “edges” (early and late) with the middle becoming somewhat starved.”

Steve: “In 2016, manufacturers will need to address Converged Commerce — a strategy where

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