Venture capitalists and angel investors are clamoring to fund developer tools. According to a recent estimate, they poured a massive $646 million into this space in 2012, making it one of the hottest market opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Developer Tools

Developer Tools

So of course, companies are rushing to create new tools for developers. Some of these new products provide real value, and are selling fast. Others inspire initial interest from customers, and then fall flat. However, unless you’re highly technical and have abundant time on your hands to test new products, it’s near impossible to figure out what is the best.
Mattermark is helping investors pinpoint startups with potential. For its latest free newsletter, the Mattermark team compiled a handy list of the front-end and back-end developer tools with the most momentum, meaning the companies that are growing their user-bases at a consistent and steady rate. Some of these startups have raised venture financing or an angel round, others are entirely bootstrapped. They all have a minimum of 10,000 users, but many have far more than that.

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Mattermark compiles data from a variety of sources, including news articles, AngelList, app store rankings, rankings, and anonymous tips. The signals for business-to-business startups are weaker, but Mattermark tracks sales support materials, like white papers and customer videos, to get a sense of how robust the company’s business pipeline is. Its analysts factor out anomalies, like a surge of interest due to a Hacker News hit.
“Hacker News spikes do help the company, but only if they can sustain meaningful traffic beyond the initial bump,” chief executive Danielle Morrill told me.

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